Detention Pond Screens

Federal water quality discharge regulations require that runoff from parking lots and other impermeable surfaces be discharged into detention ponds to control sediment and floating organic pollutants. These detention ponds must be drained in between storm events to prevent the threat of West Nile Virus.

Hydroscreen can help you meet these regulations. While detention pond vegetation can intercept most oil from storm runoff, a secondary line of defense is necessitated. Behind our screens, our orifice plates utilize inverted weir outlet slots which meter storm water through while preventing residual floating contaminates from passing. Organic absorbing material is placed in the void between the detention screen and the orifice place to soak up these pollutants.

Our screens require little maintenance as debris that collects on the screen dries and falls off. The organic absorbing material between the screen and orifice plate requires infrequent replacement.

  • Hydroscreen was the developer of the flange-mounted water quality screen configuration
  • All screens are designed in accordance with urban drainage specifications
  • Screens utilize #93 v-wire with a slot opening of 0.139 inches
  • Flanges are drilled for easy mounting with epoxy or wedge anchors
  • All materials of construction are 304 stainless steel
  • Rubberizer absorbs all organics

To learn more about Hydroscreen detention pond screens and discuss your unique project requirements, contact us today.