Municipal Water Pretreatment Screens

Municipal water / wastewater treatment plants must remove contaminants from their diversions in order tom function effectively. Our tilted wire wedgewire screens remove debris and sediment from diversions, preventing plugged filters and costly repair or replacement. The advantages of our screens include:

  • Removes 90% of sediment .25mm and larger
  • No moving parts
  • Simple and inexpensive to install
  • No energy requirements
  • Self cleaning
  • Corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel
  • Reduced plant maintenance costs

The screens, regardless of opening size, are self-cleaning and require little or no regular maintenance. Hydroscreen is able to work directly with utility engineers and consultants to pilot individual screen selections to determine optimum screen characteristics to meet specific water pretreatment requirements.

To learn more about Hydroscreen municipal water / wastewater treatment screens and discuss your unique project requirements, contact us today.