Hydroscreen custom engineers water screening solutions to meet your most complex and challenging project needs, at any scale. We help our customers screen debris, sediment, and organic pollution from their source water. Explore our solution categories below to learn more.

Hydroscreen Stormwater Runoff Outfall Screens
Stormwater Runoff Outfall Screens
Help keep our waterways clean. Remove trash, debris, organic pollution and sediments from stormwater runoff.
Hydroscreen Detention Pond Screens
Detention Pond Screens
Contain debris, trash, and floating organic pollution from impermeable surface runoff while increasing infiltration and controlled water outflow.
Hydroscreen Downspout Screens
Downspout Screens
Address new environmental requirements through effective particulate matter and organic screening of commercial/industrial roof runoff.
Hydroscreen Micro Hydro Diversion Screens
Micro Hydro Diversion Screens
Keep debris, sediments, and fish out of your turbine and prevent nozzle plugging and impeller wear.
Hydroscreen Municipal Water Pretreatment Screens
Municipal Water Pretreatment Screens
Ensure influent quality and improve operation of conventional and membrane filters. Save on chemical costs and reduce maintenance.
Hydroscreen Rotary Fish Barrier Screens
Rotary Fish Barrier Screens
Effectively protect and isolate native fish movement into agricultural diversions and isolated streams using Hydroscreen's family of water and air driven drum screens.

Hydroscreen Rainwater Harvesting Screens
Rainwater Harvesting Screens
Remove organic debris and sediment from roof water runoff before it enters your cistern or landscape irrigation system.
Hydroscreen Curbstop and Parking Lot Screen Inserts
Curbstop and Parking Lot Screen Inserts
Remove and store debris and organic pollution from impermeable surface runoff while dramatically reducing vault maintenance cleaning requirements.
Hydroscreen Agricultural Diversion Screens
Agriculture Diversion Screens
Modernize your irrigation procedures, elimate plugged pivot nozzles and gated pipe. Protect your irrigation equipment investment and extend its service life. Remove weed seeds to enable organic farming.
Hydroscreen Large Hydro Diversion Screens
Large Hydro Diversion Screens
Remove sediments and debris that damage nozzles, runners, and bearings. Avoid lost generation revenues and expensive maintenance costs and equipment replacements.
Hydroscreen Punp Intake Screens
Pump Intake Screens
Screen debris and sediments from municipal and irrigation water utilizing submerged intake screens.
Hydroscreen Special Projects
Special Projects
Hydroscreen has engineered solutions to challenging problems all over the world. Learn about some of our favorite projects.