Downspout Screens

Water quality regulations require runoff from roofs be filtered. This water may contain particulate matter, organics, and other substances. The Hydroscreen SuperFlo II can be configured to meet these environmental requirements. It can also accommodate specialized mounting configurations, inlet and outlet pipes from 4" to 12" in diameter, specialized absorbents, debris capacities, lengths, and more.

Unlike conventional "bag-in-a-box" filtering devices, the SuperFlo II downspout screens are designed specifically to handle high-velocity, high-volume flow rates without clogging. These conditions are frequently associated with roofs of warehouses, condominiums, office buildings, and parking structures.

The tilted wire wedgewire screen in every unit is self-cleaning and non-clogging, assuring complete debris removal with minimal service requirements. The different models of the Hydroscreen SuperFlo II are sized to accommodate different flows and can be fitted with specialized organic and non-organic absorbents to meet stringent discharge requirements.

Hydroscreen SuperFlo II - Flow Rate Capacity

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Hydroscreen downspout screen configurations
Hydroscreen has a downspout screen configuration to fit your needs

Hydroscreen SuperFlo II downspout screening device
Hydroscreen SuperFlo II Downspout Screening Device