Pump Intake Screens

Municipalities and irrigators must frequently pump water through submerged intakes. Our submerged cylindrical pump intake screens ensure thorough debris removal while complying with state regulations of approach velocities to ensure the safety of aquatic life. Where Zebra Mussels and biofouling are a problem, the screens can be fabricated using a copper-nickel alloy which is most effective in the elimination of the problem.

The screens can be manifolded to provide capacity, and can be mounted on rails or provided with flotation for removal to the surface for maintenance. The screens are constructed of 304 stainless steel for corrosion resistance and long life.

Cleaning is accomplished by an air burst back flush system designed to produce a rapid release of air into the cylindrical screens creating a reverse flow out through the surface of the wire. Where more than one cylinder is used, the cylinders are washed sequentially to insure uniform flow and reduce the possibility of air being entrained into the manifold.

Where power is available a conventional compressor is utilized, where power is not available solar power can be utilized. The screens are backwashed when the head loss (differential pressure) becomes excessive, in this way the screens are washed only when necessary, thereby conserving power.

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